Green Chef Spring ’12

In light of WORD Magazine’s recent obsession with food, I decided to represent the team in this Spring’s Green Chef competition put on by UCSB’s very own Environmental Affairs Board. Green Chef is a sustainable cooking competition which opens the kitchen floor to students who appreciate local, organic, vegan cuisine. This quarter’s secret ingredient… zucchini!

For the appetizer, I decided to make a Quinoa Zucchini Fiesta of sorts. All ingredients were purchased from the Isla Vista Co-Op and Trader Joe’s to ensure produce was fresh and organic. This culinary consisted of quinoa, zucchinis, red cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, green onion, cilantro, and bell peppers–with salt, pepper, soy sauce and lime for flavor.
As the entree, I whipped up some Zucchini Tahini Tacos–with a mild and spicy option, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. This vegan dish consisted of zucchinis, onions, red bell peppers, corn salsa, tahini sauce, mini pitas, jalapeños, olive oil, and cilantro–ingredients also from the IV Co-Op and Trader Joe’s.
The rest of the green competitors provided to the delicious arrangement of creative concoctions, ranging from brownies to salads to something called BBQ Pie (one of my personal favorites). I cleaned my plate pretty quick, just in time for more! It took me two rounds to taste test each dish. Zucchini yields endless possibilities!
I’m proud to say, my vegan treats won me the honor of 2nd place in taste and 2nd place in sustainability! Thanks Green Chef! Four other contestants and myself were awarded with gift cards to the Isla Vista Co-Op and fresh herb plants for 1st place winners!
Stay green friends (:
-Gabby Dimaranan

MONOCHROME by Mor Weizman

WORD Magazine’s Spring Issue is out now! Featured on this quarter’s cover is the amazing work of Mor Weizman. Her photos, as seen in this issue’s photo essay Monochrome, are amongst many other striking shots that didn’t make it into the magazine. Enjoy this special inside look at Mor’s stunning extra photos and some behind the scenes shots to see a photographer at work!

Special thanks to Zachary Harrison and Johnny Spofford for all the help!

Modeled by Evie and Hana Schmittdiel

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O Street Truck + WORD Magazine


This just in! Isla Vista’s very own O Street Truck will be at this weekend’s WORDSTOCK serving up their delicious gourmet food, and as always, at street prices! O Street Truck usually posts up Friday nights on Del Playa for frolicking Isla Vistian who are looking for some midnight munchies. If you haven’t heard about them already, come see what the buzz is all about this Sunday, March 11, 2012, at WORDSTOCK! O Street Truck serves an array of tasty treats raging from French, French-Vietnamese & French-Mex Cuisine. Grab a bite, find a nice patch of grass in the lovely Dog Shit Park, and enjoy some fantastic free music & art!


On Sunday, March 11, WORD Magazine will be featuring a day of live music at beautiful Dog Shit Park. Put on your Sunday best and be prepared to move and groove to the sounds offered by our amazing lineup of artists.

Coming from LA are FUNKMOSPHERE residents DJs BILLY GOODS & MATT RESPECT spinning the best of early 80s post-disco music known as Boogie, Disco-Funk, and Modern Soul. They will be playing all original VINYL- no mp3s or laptops, this is the real deal.

Support will be coming from Isla Vista’s own GIVERS & TAKERS as well as an opening set from NUER

This is a public and free event. Come cure your weekend hangover and hang out with the friends and staff of WORD Magazine!

WORD // Isla Vista Arts & Culture Magazine

Dear Isla Vista,

The WORD you once knew, only by the turn of a page, is now daringly perched at the edge of a board—surfing the web! Now you can instantly indulge in the rich art & culture of Isla Vista at the click of a button! We are hard at work cooking up yet another WORD magazine—but in the meantime—munch on these little tidbits until we serve up next quarter’s issue!

WORD Magazine